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I’m Lauren, a Family Nurse Practitioner I help Nurses, NPs, & other moms in medicine with time management, stress & in building courses around their level of expertise and passion. I help them place these passions on evergreen platforms so they can do less 1:1 coaching/trading time for money. Then, I show them how to position themselves in high demand, low competition searches to build passive income.

Your medical mind is a gold mine! I created NursePracPreneurs to help you leverage that so you can build passive income with online courses or products that sell while you sleep. At NursePracPrenurs LLC we help you find more time, have less stress & build income streams through course and product creation. We help you curate and perfect your profitable ideas around your expertise/passion and show you how to place them on evergreen platforms so you can have more time doing what you are called to do in their God-given purpose. Then, we position you in high demand, low competition searches to build passive income, so you can have more freedom and choices in life, such as the option to be with family more.

Our mission by 2023 is to save 1000 moms in medicine from a life of hustle & guide them into the purpose-driven life they dream of, filled with more options. Will you be one of them?

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