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Functional & Holistic Medicine: Certificate Program

for RN's & NP's

Certificate Course that will change your future forever.

Simple, Evidence Based and


Holistic CARE prioritizes health the way it should be: as incorporating the Mind, Body, and Soul. Functional Medicine seeks to reveal how and why
illness occurs and seeks to address the root cause of disease in an individual. It is liberating to treat not only the root cause but with natural modalities that hold less liability and potential harm. It is EMPOWERING to help patients do this naturally!

Plus you can implement this 100% autonomously!! This is what you thought Practice would be like:

Practice 100% on your terms how you thought practice would be!

● Low to No Charting (you decide)

● No Insurance companies (if you don't want to deal with them)

● Actually, HEAL people.

● Lead with your purpose and only treat the diseases you are passionate about.

● Make your Own Hours.

●Earn More than you do in Regular Practice.

BONUS: 3 months LIVE weekly coaching. Learn


Don't just earn your certificate of completion, join a supportive and Elite network of NursePracPreneurs to rely upon. Community is the #1 resource that will determine altitude of success, in any new endeavor. This is sure to be the most pivotal time in your nursing career, don't do it alone.

1) RN & APRN’s roles and scope of practice through the Integrative, Functional, and Holistic care model (1 Hour). Medical practice verses and Nurse Coaching (1 Hour)

There are a lot of Functional Med courses out there (most costing 10's of thousands of dollars) and NONE of them change your scope of practice, have contact hours attached to them, or are aware of the Standards of Care that YOU as a nurse are upheld to. Many allow any discipline out there and are nothing more than a pretty artwork certificate paper.

This course is pending approval for AHNCC certification (a branch of AANC) contact hours and will grant graduates the distinguished knowledge based as "Functional, Holistic, & Integrative Medical Practitioners".  While Functional Med is typically lower risk than a traditional medical practice, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to starting your own Functional/Holistic Nurse Coach Business or Practice. This includes how to stay legal, ethical, and within your Scope of Practice and Standards of Care as an RN. Don't risk learning from people who don't personally understand the importance of protecting your license. 

2) Finding your superpower to heal others holistically. (1 hour)

This is the difference between a successful business and one that is a "flash in the pan." Ever wonder why some businesses stick around, while most last a few years, at best? There is reason and I will teach you how to stand out in a crowd, so you not only get new clients fast but stay 100% within your calling while changing lives! 

3) Nurse Coaching in Independent Patient Care: Scaling Your Own Niche (1 hour)

You don't have to do it all, all at once and I don't even recommend it. This is another key aspect to finding patients fast. When you went to University, they likely did not teach you much about securing income. Here is the bottom line: you can become the BEST provider out there, but your impact will never be significant if people can't find you. 

4) Implementing Tele-Medicine/Coaching (2 hours)

It is important to know HIPAA compliance, laws to abide to, how to set up billing, labs, &/or self-pay. Plus, there are more business aspects you likely havent even considered yet. While that can seem overwhelming, it's not once you know how to do it right. You can get this started in a matter of weeks! You still can start a brick-and-mortar, if desired. However, TeleMed will be your most cost-effective way to get started fast.... even within the next couple of weeks!

5) Course & Business Creation for the Holistic NursePreneur (6 hours)

"Build it and they will come" sounds great, but there is zero validity to it. I am not only here to teach you how to practice Functional Medicine, but how to get clients fast and scale fast. 

6) Root Cause Investigation: Toxin, mold and Heavy Metal detoxification and substance abuse help. (2 hours)

Much more than just avoiding illness. 

7) Social Determinants of Health & New Modalities in Functional Medicine (1 Hour)

From Peptides to Laser Therapy (where you can charge $75-$200 cash pay/treatment and easily see 3-4 patients an hour) to building courses around modalities that are 

8) Understanding Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Adrenal Fatigue Root Cause of Stress as a precursor to Illness (3 hours)

Stress is not something that we can just breeze by. It causes considerable damage to the body. Learn how and how to reverse naturally. 

9) Cognitive Neurolinguistic Imagery (CNI) Model: Mindset, Neuroplasticity, Purposeful Nutrition & Activity

This Module explains what it is and how to implement it in a patient-centered care model that gets the patient results. A significant portion of Functional Medicine is helping patients with making lasting changes. This takes more effort than just instruction on what to do, and must include strategy for mindset to ensure these changes last for life. By learning this model, you have the opportunity to become the first person to help your clients change their lives, for life!

10) BONUS: Steps4Life program: Helping patients make lasting changes

This is a peer-reviewed, evidence-based program that is designed to help your patients make changes for life. This is not a diet but a transition to help them get healthy, lose weight and decrease inflammation without crash dieting. 

11) Spiritual Healing: Holistic Nursing embodies and honors every aspect of health including the spirit. (2 hours)

Spiritual Health is often overlooked. In this module we go deeper than just acknowledging its importance, and review the pathophysiology behind how faith-based healing is backed by metaphysics. 

27 Hours on Highly Profitable Functional, Holistic, & Integrative Medicine Niche Clinics:

This is so much more than just diet and exercise recommendations. But still, 99% of the diseases here are healed/treated with natural interventions that do not require a prescription. This means changing lives with Full Practice Authority and fully within your scope- using everything from probiotics to herbs to food to new modalities such as laser therapy/lymphatic massage/peptides and MORE. 

● Med-Spa Anti-Aging, Regenerative Health, Dermatology & Decreasing Cancer Risk Clinic

(2 hours)

● Gastrointestinal Rebalancing (4 hours)

● Diabetes Clinic (1 hour)

● Cardiovascular Clinic (2 hours)

● Nephrology & Urology Clinic (1 hour)

● Neurology Clinic (1 hours) 

● Respiratory Clinic. (1 hours) 

● Clinic for Digestive Disorders and Immune Health. (3 hours) 

● Thyroid, Hormones Clinic (2 hours) 

● Weight Loss Clinic (2 hours) 

● Mental Health Clinic (2 hours)

● Ortho (1 Hour)

● Pain Management & the Triad of Autoimmunity Clinic (2 hours)

● Weight Loss Clinic (1 hour)  

● Adrenal fatigue Treatment (2 hours) 

● COVID & Long COVID (1 hour)

● Pulmonary & Infectious disease (2 hours)

Just imagine being able to practice specialty clinics by helping people from the root cause. 

Learn how to change lives the way you are called to: by implementing root cause healing with Functional, Holistic, and Integrative Practice, in 2 months or less.

Weekly Functional and Business trainings for 3 months

  • Group of Next-Level Nurses and NPs to learn and grow with

  • BONUS 1:1 Time Hack Training where Dr. Lauren will give you personal attention to find you time in your day (or your money back on the entire course..if we can't find the time for you! $250 Value, priceless return)

  • Entire 48 hourFunctional Med Course ($18K in other places)

  • Ability to sit boards for FIM-P

Over $21,400 OFF the original price of starting a Functional Practice!

Semester Enrollment Is Open For A Limited Time! (until spots are filled)

"A Plan Started Early When Timing is Imperfect will see Better Results

Than a Plan Stuck Waiting for the "Perfect" Time."

Instant access to the entire program (see below). Plus a full 3 months 12 MONTHS!! Of weekly business coaching so you can see a return on your investment fast. (This Will NOT be offered for long!)


Lauren Duroy DNP, APRN, FNP-C, AAMA-C, FIM-P

Functional Lawyer Scott Rattigan, J.D.

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